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    <-NARRATOR:-> Listen to a conversation between two students.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Hi, Paul. How’s it going?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Not great.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Whatsa matter?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> I have a job interview tomorrow morning. And I just realized I forgot my suit at my parents’ house.
    I forgot to bring it back with me after my last visit home.
    I have to wear a suit to the interview … it’s expected.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> What are you gonna do?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Well, my roommate said I could borrow his suit for the interview if I want to. It’s a nice suit too.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> But he’s bigger than you. Does his suit fit?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> I tried the trousers and suit coat on.
    They’re kinda big on me—a little baggy.
    I mean, I don’t look great in his suit, but I look OK I think. I could wear it.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> But you might not make such a great impression on the employer—wearing a suit that doesn’t fit you very well.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> And I do want them to hire me.
    It’d give me the chance to work in a professional law office right outta college.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Well, the stores’ll still be open for a coupla hours tonight.
    Why don’t you go buy a new suit?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> I could. It’d be nice to have a new suit. Mine’s pretty old.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> So why don’t you go for it?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Suits are expensive. And I’ve been saving to buy a bicycle for a long time ...
    I’m so sick of having to get everywhere on foot.
    I almost have enough money saved up.
    If I buy a suit, I’ll have to wait a while to get the bike.


Briefly summarize the man’s problem. Then state which solution you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.


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