No More Posters Outside the Student Center



No More Posters Outside the Student Center

Traditionally, students have been permitted to put up posters advertising events, clubs, and activities on the concrete wall outside the main entrance to the student center. Beginning next semester, however, students will no longer be allowed to attach anything to the front of the building. According to a university official, the new policy is part of an effort to improve the campus's appearance. "The posters on the wall make the building unattractive," he said, "so they have to come down." He added that posters can instead be displayed in the dining hall: "Students can use the bulletin board in the dining hall for posters, so the policy change should not be a problem."

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    <-NARRATOR:-> Now listen to two students discussing the article.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> It's really too bad about this new policy.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Why do you say that?
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Well, I mean, you don't notice it so much now, but if you take a good look at that building, it's pretty boring-
    just your basic square building with gray concrete walls and no kind of ornamentation or
    anything to make it interesting.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yes, I guess that's true, now that I think about it.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Yeah. The stuff that goes up there now-a lot of it's artistic and colorful.
    It gives the building character and personality.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> True...
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Plus it's always changing, and that's cool, too.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yeah, you're right.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> So what's gonna be left? A boring, old concrete wall.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yeah, I guess it will be kind of plain.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Yeah, and the idea about the dining hall....Not everybody eats there.
    A lot of students eat at the snack bar, or off campus...
    Some students bring lunch from home and eat outside under the trees.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> That's true.
    I never eat in the dining hall.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> OK, see what I mean? So how are you gonna see those announcements?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> I won't.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> I rest my case.


The woman expresses her opinion about the new policy. Briefly describe the policy. Then state the woman's opinion about the policy, and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.


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