A Broken Car


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    <-NARRATOR:-> Listen to a conversation between two students.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> So...Mike...you said you wanted to move off campus. Did you ever find an apartment?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yeah. I did.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> So how is it?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> It's great...
    except that it's pretty far from campus. It's on the other side of town.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Oh, so you have a pretty long commute to campus then?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yeah...and now-can you believe it-
    [[slow]] my car broke down!
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Oh, wow. That's too bad.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Well, the car's pretty old, so I'm not surprised it broke down.
    But it's gonna cost a lot of money to get it fixed...
    a lot more than I can afford right now.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> So what are you gonna do?
    You need a car to get to campus, right?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yeah. One option would be to borrow the money to fix the car.
    I talked to my brother-he's out of school and working now-
    and he said he'd loan me the money to get it fixed.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> That's really nice of him.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Definitely. But if I borrow the money from him, I still have to pay it back pretty soon...
    that'll be tough since I only have a part-time job.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Yeah. That could take a while.
    Do you have any other options?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Well, I'm also thinking about not fixing the car right now. Maybe try to save the money and just take the bus or something.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> So you can get the bus near your house?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yeah, there's a bus stop a couple of blocks from my apartment.
    Trouble is, I have to change buses a couple of times so it takes a really long time to get to campus...and a long time to get back home.
    I'd really have to adjust my schedule.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> I see. That doesn't sound very convenient.


Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. Then state which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.


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