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    <-NARRATOR:-> Listen to a conversation between two students.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> How's it going, Marie? Weren't you away this past weekend?
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Yeah, I flew out to see my family in Boston for the weekend. Just got back from the airport, actually.
    What a mess...my flight was delayed several hours 'cause of bad weather.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Yeah, there was that big storm out east, huh.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Right. So I was at the airport like all night waiting for my flight to leave.
    I was supposed to arrive back on campus last night,
    but instead I got in early this morning.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> You must be exhausted.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> I am. I hardly got any sleep¡ªjust a short nap on the plane.
    And I'm supposed to, I can't believe it,
    I'm supposed to give a presentation in my history class today,
    an hour from now.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> What kind of presentation?
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> It's a ten-minute presentation on a paper I wrote,
    and then there's an answer...a question-and-answer session afterward...
    where the professor and other students ask me questions about my history paper and stuff.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Well, I bet if you told your professor what happened,
    how the flight was delayed and you didn't get any sleep...
    I bet the professor would let you do the presentation on a different day.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Yeah, she'd probably let me reschedule.
    I just don't know if I want to put it off...
    I've got a lot of other stuff coming up,
    big assignments.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Oh.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> I could just give the presentation today. I mean, I did prepare for it a lot last week.
    So I don't know,
    maybe I should just grab a cup of coffee or something and go through with it.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Well, if you feel OK with that.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Well, I'm definitely tired...
    I wouldn’t be as quick or as sharp as I normally am,
    but I've got an hour to go over my notes. And the coffee should help wake me up.


Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. Then state which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.


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