Entertainment Merchandising



Entertainment Merchandising

An effective, widely used marketing practice in the entertainment industry is entertainment merchandising. Entertainment merchandising is a form of marketing in which the brand or image from one product is also used to sell another. The practice of entertainment merchandising often occurs in connection with movies and television shows, especially those associated with children. For example, the success of a popular children’s television show may result in the marketing of toys that are designed to look like characters in the show or the situation may be reversed when a children’s television show is written to include characters that are based on already popular toys.

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    <-NARRATOR:-> Now listen to a lecture from a marketing class.
    <-MALE PROFESSOR:-> OK, so I've actually got a few different examples of this.
    You know when I was kid, a character named Action Hero was really popular with my friends and me.
    We would always watch the Action Hero program on television every week, and played games, pretending that we were strong and powerful as he was.
    Then pretty soon we began seeing this small Action Hero figures in all the stores.
    And well we all just had to have them.
    I mean we'd been watching the television show for so long that it seemed only natural to want to own the toys too.
    Well I finally grew up and left the Action Hero television program and toys behind.
    But now I have a seven-year-old daughter who watches television a lot and also likes to play with her toys.
    And lately her favorite toy is a cute little baby doll with a big round face and lots of curly hair named Rosa.
    All my daughters' friends have Rosa dolls too.
    And they enjoy going to each other's houses to play with them.
    Then a few weeks ago, my daughter came running up to me all excited because she had just heard there was going to be a new television program on every week with the doll Rosa as the main character.
    So naturally she and all her friends have begun watching the show.
    And it's already very popular, as popular as the toy doll.


Using the examples from the lecture, explain the concept of entertainment merchandising.


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