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Instructions on a World Music Assignment

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Why does the student go to see the professor?
  • A. To explain why he may need to hand in an assignment late

  • B. To get instructions on how to complete an assignment

  • C. To discuss a type of music his class is studying

  • D. To ask if he can choose the music to write about in a listening journal

显示答案 正确答案: B

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    NARRATOR:Listen to a conversation between a student and his music history professor.

    MALE STUDENT:Ummm, Professor Jenkins... the listening journal you assigned us to keep for the Intro to World Music class... well, I'm not sure I understand what to do.I listened to the pieces you assigned this week more than once, but when I tried to write about them, I didn't know what to say.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Well, it's not easy to write about music, even for people who are supposedly expert at it!

    MALE STUDENT:That makes me feel a little better.But, I'm just not familiar with how you keep a listening journal... I've kept journals for other classes... summarizing and writing how I felt about readings...

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Well, a listening journal isn't all that different. I want you to note your feelings about musical compositions, too...

    MALE STUDENT:OK ... [thinking] There were pieces I liked more than others, but I think you want our comments to be a little more, I don't know, analytical... right?

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Well...whether you like a piece or not is important. But you should be able to explain why you like a particular piece... and be able to talk about its historical and musical context.Actually, the listening journal is a tool to help you listen to music actively... to think about what you're hearing...

    MALE STUDENT:Maybe I'm finding it difficult because I'm not real familiar with most of the music you assigned...I mean if it was hip hop or something I listen to with my friends

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:Sure, because hip hop is a form that's familiar and meaningful to you.But you'll see, as the semester progresses and you start learning more about musical forms, you'll become a more adept listener and you'll start noticing patterns.

    MALE STUDENT:OK, so the songs we listened to this week the... [trying to remember] the canto...

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:The cante jondo, you remember we said it means deep song in Andalusian Spanish, not only because it's sung in a deep register, but also because it's a song about deeper or serious matters... certainly not lighthearted.

    MALE STUDENT:Really? Hmmm... I guess I didn't catch the double meaning... that's kinda cool.But anyway, even with the translations you gave us for the lyrics and everything... I don't know... I could tell it was sad, but I guess I wasn't trying to analyze it- from a musical perspective, that is.

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:OK, so this is what you should do.Go back and listen to the song selection, and this time pay attention to the melody, to repetition, to the...

    MALE STUDENT:There was plenty of that... some parts sounded like the same note played over and over again!

    FEMALE PROFESSOR:That's exactly the kind of observation you would record in a listening journal.So...melody, repetition, rhythm, how the piece is structured, as well as your reasons for liking or disliking it...[gets an idea] you know what? I thought everyone was clear about this but... you've just given me a great idea.I'm going to draw up a list of questions everyone should keep in mind when they're writing their journals... other students may be having the same problem you're having.

  • 旁白:听一段学生和音乐史教授的对话。











    学生:真的?我想我没理会到其中的双重含义。这很酷。不管怎样, 哪怕是有了你给我们的歌词翻译和别的资料,我不知道,我能听出来这是首悲伤的曲子,但我没有试图去从音乐角度分析。




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    Student: Um, Professor Jenkins. The listening journal you assigned us to keep for the Intro to World Music class, well, I am not sure I understand what to do. I listened to the pieces you assigned this week more than once, but when I tried to write about them, I didn’t know what to say.


    文章开门见山直接表达了 assigned work don’t know how to say,然后老师从不同方面详细讲解了如何observation 以及analyze.






Instructions on a World Music Assignment