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Discuss Reviews for a Play

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Why does the man need the woman’s assistance?
Click on 2 answers
  • A. He does not know the publication date of some reviews he needs

  • B. He does not know the location of the library’s videos collection of plays

  • C. He does not know how to find out where the play is currently being performed

  • D. He does not know how to determine which newspaper he should look at

显示答案 正确答案: A D

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    NARRATOR:Listen to a conversation between a student and a librarian.

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:Can I help you?

    MALE STUDENT:Yeah, I need to find a review. It’s for my English class. We have to find reviews of the play we're reading. [starts to ramble]But they have to be from when the play was first performed—so I need to know when that was… and I suppose I should start with newspaper reviews…

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:[cuts him off, telling him exactly what he needs] Contemporary reviews.

    MALE STUDENT:[doesn't realize she’s defining his need] Sorry?

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:[matter of factly] You want contemporary reviews. What's the name of the play?

    MALE STUDENT:It's Happy Strangers. It was written in 1962 and we're supposed to write about its influence on American theater—show why it's been so important.

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:Well, that certainly explains why your professor wants you to read some of those old reviews.The critics really tore the play to pieces when it opened. It was just so controversial—nobody’d ever seen anything like it on the stage.

    MALE STUDENT:Really? Was that a big deal?

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:Oh sure. Of course, the critics' reaction made some people kinda curious about it, they wanted to see what was causing all the fuss.In fact, we were on vacation in New York—I had to be, oh around sixteen or so—and my parents took me to see it. That would've been about 1965.

    MALE STUDENT:[she's answered one of his questions] So that was the year it premiered? Great! But… newspapers from back then aren't online, so how do I…

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:Well, we have copies of old newspapers in the basement, and all the major papers publish reference guides to their articles, reviews, etc.You'll find them in the reference stacks in back. But I'd start with 1964. I think the play'd been running for a little while when I saw it.

    MALE STUDENT:[changing topics; just chatting now] Oh, how'd you like it? I mean it's just two characters onstage hanging around and basically doing nothing.

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:Well, I was impressed: the actors were famous and, besides, it was my first time in a real theater.But you're right—it was definitely different from any plays that we'd read in high school.Of course, in a small town, the assignments are pretty traditional.

    MALE STUDENT:I've only read it, but it doesn’t seem like it'd be much fun to watch. The story doesn't progress in a, in any sort of logical manner. It doesn't have any real ending either.It just stops. Honestly, y'know I thought it was kinda slow and boring.

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:[laughing]Well, I guess you might think that, but when I saw it back then it was anything but boring!Some parts were really funny—but I remember crying, too.But I'm not sure just reading it… [remembering] You know, they've done this play at least once on campus.I'm sure there's a tape of the play in our video library. You might want to borrow it.

    MALE STUDENT:That's a good idea. I'll have a better idea of what I really think of it—before I read those reviews.

    FEMALE LIBRARIAN:I'm sure you'll be surprised that anyone ever found it radical—but you’ll see why it's still powerful—dramatically speaking.

    MALE STUDENT:[light-heartedly] Well, there must be something about it or the professor wouldn't have assigned it. I’m sure I'll figure it out.

  • 旁白:请听一段学生和图书管理员之间的对话。


    学生:呃,我需要找一本戏剧的评论。是英语课上需要的。 我们必须找我们正在读的戏剧的评论。但是评论必须是那些从戏剧一上映就有的评论,所以我需要知道具体时间,我想我应该从报纸评论开始……



    图书管理员:你需要的是当代评论。 那部戏剧的名字是什么?

    学生:叫做《快乐的陌生人》 。写于1962 年。我们应该写的内容是关于其对美国戏剧界的影响以及表明为什么该部戏剧一直都这么重要。



    图书管理员:噢,当然了。评论的反应让某些人对该部戏剧充满好奇。 他们要知道是什么原因惹来这样的恶评。事实上,我们当时正在纽约度假。噢,我当时已经,呃,差不多16 岁了,我父母亲给我看了评论。但是应该是1965 年了。

    学生:那么1965 就是首发那年?太好了,但,呃,当时的报纸没有电子版的,那,我要怎么办?

    图书管理员:嗯,我们仓库里有所有报纸的复印版,还有各大主要报纸发表的文章评论索引等等。你可以在后面的索引行找到。但我要从1964 年开始,所以我想在我看到这部戏剧之前它应该已经上映一段时间了。




    图书管理员:哦,我想你也可能这么想的。 但当我回头再看一遍的时候,却觉得一点也不无聊。某些部分真的挺有趣的,我记得我被感动到哭过。但我不确定仅仅是读了戏本就哭了。你知道,他们至少在校园里面有过一次舞台演出。我敢说在我们学校的音像图书馆上会有该剧的记录 。你也许可以借出。


    图书管理员:每个人都觉得这部剧很激进,我相信你会觉得惊讶。 但你会明白会为什么其经久不衰,夸张一点说。


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    Can I help you?
    Yeah, I need to find a review. It’s for my English class. We have to find reviews of the play we’re reading. [starts to ramble] But they have to be from when the play was first performed—so I need to know when that was… and I suppose I should start with newspaper reviews…


    学生说明来意,要找一个review,但是需要知道第一次演出的date,并且觉得应该找newspaper reviews,对应答案AD。B选项,video collection是librarian说的。C选项,未提及。




Discuss Reviews for a Play