Which field of study should adults prioritize for their lifelong learning journey?


Your professor is teaching a class on education . Write a post responding to the professor's question. In your response, you should
· express and support your personal opinion
· make a contribution to the discussion in your own words
An effective response will contain at least 100 words. You have ten minutes to write.


Doctor Diaz

In today's context, there's a growing consensus that education should extend beyond high school and college, encompassing lifelong learning.Imagine you're a student engaging with this topic. Your input is sought on which specific field adults should focus on for ongoing education. Given this perspective, the question to you is: Considering the shift towards lifelong education, which field of study do you believe adults should prioritize for their continuous learning journey?


In my opinion, it's important for adults to have the opportunity to take foreign language classes as part of their lifelong education. Learning a new language can open doors to different cultures, enhance communication skills, and boost career prospects. Plus, it's a way to keep our minds active and engaged throughout our lives. So, I believe offering foreign language courses toadults is a valuable way to support their continuous learning journey.


I think art classes should definitely be available to adults as part of lifelong education. Engaging in art allows us to express ourselves, relieve stress, and tap into our creativity. Even if someone didn't have the chance to explore art when they were younger, providing these classes to adults can offer them a way to discover new talents, develop new hobbies, and continue growing personally, no matter their age.


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