Which solution should the government choose to support people whose jobs are no longer needed?


Your professor is teaching a class on human resource management. Write a post responding to the professor's question. In your response, you should
· express and support your personal opinion
· make a contribution to the discussion in your own words
An effective response will contain at least 100 words. You have ten minutes to write.


Doctor Achebe

This week, we'll be discussing how technological advances are transforming the job market, making some jobs unnecessary. Let's focus on government actions. Suppose the government had to choose between two ways in which to support people whose jobs are no longer needed. The government could either give them enough money to live on until they find new jobs or offer them free job training without giving them money directly. Which of these two solutions do you think is better? Why?


I believe that the government should prioritize providing free job training opportunities. Modern training programs are usually costly, which means that many people will not be able to afford them without the government's funding. By participating in training programs, people will develop new, in-demand skills and become more competitive in the job market.


Although I agree that having access to free training programs sounds promising, I think the government's first step should be to give people enough money to live on until they find new jobs. This money will go directly into people's pockets and allow them to make their own choices concerning their future.


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