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If you've seen Google's promotions for its Internet-connected Glass headset,
you already know the technology will be great for showing off your rad mountain biking skills and skydiving exploits.
The less daring among us will be relieved to know that medical workers are also interested in the technology to improve patient care.
MedEx Ambulance Service in Skokie, Ill., bought two pairs of Glass to test as a video consultation tool with ER doctors at a hospital they serve, according to the Chicago Tribune.
The paramedics want to be able to get input from doctors about treatment options while patients are still en route.
Earlier this year Rhode Island Hospital began studying Glass as a low-cost way to connect emergency room patients with an off-site dermatologist for a live consultation when needed.
All well and good.
But the Food and Drug Administration needs to give its blessing before Glass can be widely used in medical settings.
Privacy is the big sticking point.
Still, score one for Google Glass, which has already been banned from more places than Charlie Sheen, most recently at Comic Con during film screenings.
Now there's an idea: a live Google Glass feed from Charlie Sheen.
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