Polled People Ponder Whither Wearable Tech




This is Scientific American's 60-Second Tech, I'm Larry Greenemeier.Got a minute?
Not sure what to think about wearable gadgets?
You're not alone.
A recent Harris Interactive poll finds that many Americans are ambivalent about items like smartwatches and smartglasses.
Chalk it up to confusion over how devices like Google Glass will fit into the average person's life.
Seems that Google, Samsung, Apple and the rest will have to come up with good reasons for people to snatch up new products such as Google Glass, the Galaxy Gear watch and the rumored iWatch.
Nearly half the 2,500 people surveyed are at least a little interested in owning a watch or wristband-type device.
Only about one-third expressed interest in a head-mounted contraption.
Early adopters and gadget hoarders aside, people want to know why they need the new products.
Thirty-eight percent of those polled would be interested in wearable tech only if it could replace something they already use, like their smartphone.
That's what happened with digital cameras.
Many people replaced stand-alone cameras for the ones included in every smartphone.
But will the masses ditch smartphones for Google Glasses?
We shall see.
Thanks for the minute, for Scientific American's 60-Second Tech. I'm Larry Greenemeier.




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