Sometimes companies realize that consumers may have developed a negative impression of a product. One way in which they can resolve this problem is by using an advertising technique known as refute-and-persuade. Refute-and-persuade means that in advertising a product, the company first indicates its awareness of the product's disadvantage. But then the company refutes or challenges that disadvantage by demonstrating how the advantage of buying and using the product makes up for any limitation it may have. In this way, companies can persuade consumers to purchase a product despite its drawbacks.

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    <-NARRATOR:-> Now listen to part of a lecture in a business class.
    <-MALE PROFESSOR:-> Alright, so
    I actually saw a good example of this just the other day.
    I watched an advertisement on television
    for a well-known company's pots and pans.
    And in the advertisement
    there was a woman-a professional cook-
    talking about how she uses the company's pots and pans in her own kitchen.
    Now the woman in the advertisement began by saying that this company's pots and pans were expensive . . .
    she just came right out and admitted to the audience that they cost a lot more than most other companies' pots and pans.
    And she also said she realized that when people went shopping for new cookware,
    they might feel that
    they just didn't want to spend all that money on such expensive pots and pans
    since there were so many others in the store that cost a lot less.
    But then she went on to explain that the extra cost was worthwhile
    because although these pots and pans cost more to begin with,
    they actually saved you money in the long run.
    How? Well,
    they came with a special lifetime warranty,
    which meant the company would replace them free if anything ever went wrong.
    And that's something most companies that make pots and pans
    couldn't say about their products.


Explain how the example of the television advertisement for pots and pans from the lecture illustrates the technique of refute-and-persuade.


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