Rewrite the Lab Report


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    <-NARRATOR:-> Listen to a conversation between two students.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> Hey Cindy. You look happy. Making plans for the summer vacation?
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> I'm just glad the semester is finally over.
    I just finished my final exams... so I'm taking off for summer vacation tomorrow.
    Aren't you?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> I wish.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> What do you mean?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> I have to rewrite the lab report for my biology class.
    I guess I did it all wrong, so the professor is making me rewrite it before he'll submit a final grade.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> I guess that's better than if he just gave you a bad grade on it, right?
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> I guess so... but I was planning on leaving town tomorrow too. Now I'm not sure I can.
    I spoke with the professor and he gave me two options...
    I can either turn in the revised report in one week and get my grade
    or he said I can wait-you know, take take an incomplete in the class, and submit the paper next semester, in the fall.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> So are you gonna stay around to revise the report?
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> I could. I'd get the grade for the class on time and I wouldn't have to think about it anymore.
    But there's a family reunion this weekend. I was really looking forward to it.
    If I stay around to revise the report, I'll miss the reunion.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Well, maybe you should take your time and work on the report over the summer.
    You can submit it when you return in the fall semester and get your grade then.
    <-MALE STUDENT:-> That'd be fine. But what if I need materials from the library to revise the report...
    I don't know if I'd be able to find the materials at the library at home.
    <-FEMALE STUDENT:-> Hmm.


Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. Then state which solution you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation.


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