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Why does the student need to talk with the coach?
  • A. To discuss an upcoming volleyball game

  • B. To inquire about volleyball tryouts

  • C. To talk about something unrelated to volleyball

  • D. To congratulate the coach on a great season

显示答案 正确答案: C

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    Listen to part of a conversation between a student and a volleyball coach.

    Oh, hey, Coach. Got a minute?

    Sure, but try to make it quick. I'm late for practice.Say, the volleyball team has been going great since you took over.Great job! Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that we've been petitioning the school for a couple of weeks now to start a new ping-pong club, and I was wondering if you would join and support us.What do you think?

    Ping-pong, huh. Great sport. That's good that you guys have started to do this. Our school can always use new clubs like this. I must say too that back in my day I was a pretty darn good ping-pong player. It's just that I don't believe I really, uh, have the time to coach you guys, that's all. I'm sorry.

    Oh, no, no, Coach. We're not asking you to coach us! We don't need a coach. It's more of a social club than anything -just a bunch of students who like to get together and have fun. We won't be in any competitions or anything like that!

    Ah, I see.

    Yeah, well, anyways, all I need from you is your signature on our petition list. The school requires us to get one hundred signatures before they will consider the new club. We've got ninety-nine so far, and we just need one more!

    Oh, I got it. Sure. I'd be proud to be the final signature on your petition. There you go!

    Thanks, Coach. We really appreciate it. Listen, there's one other thing I wanted to talk to you about if you have time.


    Well, we're going to need a place to store all our equipment. You know all our balls and paddles, nets, and stuff like that. And I was, uh,wondering if you had any ideas on where we could do that. Do you guys have any extra storage space in the locker room?

    Well, let's see. When would you need to start using a locker? Actually, how many lockers do you think you would, uh, need?

    Oh, just one, and we'd probably start using it at the beginning of next month.

    You know what? Our season is over next week, so we won't be using most of the lockers until next year. We'll have plenty of space for you guys. Why don't you get with me at the beginning of next month, and we'll set you up? The only thing you'll need is your own lock.

    A lock, huh. Any special kind? Should I get a key lock or a combination lock, Coach?

    Well, uh, let's see. How many students do you think will be in this ping-pong club of yours?

    Ummm, I'm not sure exactly. A lot of students have shown interest, so I would imagine fifteen or so at least.Why?

    Well, if you're going to have that many, I would suggest a combination lock. That way you can just give everyone the combination, and you wouldn't have to go out and get X number of keys made. It would just be a bit easier, that's all.

    That's a great idea, Coach! Wow, why didn't I think of that? I don't know what we'd do without you!

    Ah, don't mention it. That's what I'm here for. Now, um, if there isn't anything else, I'm sure my players are wondering where the heck I'm at. Practice was supposed to start five minutes ago. You know what I have my players do if they are even one minute late to a practice?

    No, Coach, what's that?

    Suicides. You know what one of those is?

    No, Coach. What's a suicide? It sounds pretty tough. Well, it is. It's uh, basically a continuous series of wind sprints. You start from the baseline in the gym, that's the one under the basket. So, you start there, run out and touch the foul-line and then run back then touch the baseline again. don't stop there. Oh, no. You keep going, but this time you run out and touch the half-court line and then run back again to touch the baseline.

    Wow, Coach that sounds so hard. Your players must be in tip-top shape, huh?

    You've got that right. Conditioning is the key to championships. That's what I always sa y, conditioning. Without it, you've got... Woah! Look at the time! I've got to stop rambling and get to practice! We'll talk later!

    Okay, Coach! See you later, and thanks again!

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