Official 08 写作检测

Writing Section Directions

Make sure your headset is on.

This section measures your ability to use writing to communicate in an academic environment. There will be 2 writing tasks.

For the first writing task, you will read a passage, listen to a lecture, and then answer a question based on what you have read and heard. For the second writing task, you will answer a question based on your own knowledge and experience.

During this practice test, you may click the Pause icon at any time. This will stop the test until you decide to continue. You may continue the test in a few minutes, or at any time during the period that your practice is activated.

Now listen to the directions for the first writing task.

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You may now pause this test and resume work at any later time; however the score you obtain may not be an accurate indication of a score you would earn in a timed test.

You may visit我的托福) to resume the test. When you resume the test, you will return the question from which you left. Are you sure you wish to pause the test?

Click Return to continue working. Click on Continue to pause and exit the test.

Time Expried

The standard time for this section is now expired.

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