Official 10 阅读检测

Reading Section Directions

This section measures your ability to understand academic passages in English. You will read 3 passages. In an actual test you will have 60 minutes (1 hour) to read the passages and answer the questions.

Most questions are worth 1 point but the last question in each passage is worth more than 1 point. The directions indicate how many points you may receive.

Some passages include a word or phrase that is underlined in blue. Click on the word of phrase to see a definition or an explanation.

Within this section, you can go to the next question by click Next. You may skip questions and go back later. If you want to return to previous questions, click on Back. You can click on Review at any time and the review screen will show you which questions you have answered and which you have not answered. From this review screen, you may go directly to any question you have already seen in the Reading section.

During this practice test, you may click the Pause icon at any time. This will stop the test until you decide to continue. You may continue the test in a few minutes, or at any time during the period that your practice is activated.

You may now begin the Reading section. In an actual test 60 minutes (1 hour) to read the 3 passages and answer the questions. NOTE: Also in an actual test some test takers may receive 4 passages; those test taker will have 80 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes) to answer the questions.

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You may now pause this test and resume work at any later time; however the score you obtain may not be an accurate indication of a score you would earn in a timed test.

You may visit我的托福) to resume the test. When you resume the test, you will return the question from which you left. Are you sure you wish to pause the test?

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